Meet the Designer

Cynthia has been a creative most of her life. From childhood, she fashioned rags into doll apparel and crafted boxes into doll houses. At age eight, she taught herself how to crochet and knit using pencils. Her stimulation was realized at the High School of Fashion Industries in New York City where she polished her gift.

After attending college, Cynthia began a career in Investment Banking as a Production Specialist; responsible for layouts and report publishing. Yearning to do more than the boilerplate formatting, she began creating flyers, programs, banners, and event stationery for her church and its members. Her passion for paper and the creative process grew and she is now a highly requested wedding and social stationery designer. 

Cynthia's motto is: "Creating is cheaper than therapy."  She passionately believes design has the power to leave a significant impact. She is passionate about paper and is an avid creative, viewing objects as to what it can become.