Our Process

Booking your Discovery Call

Every consultation is different. We welcome all from the discerning client that knows exactly what they want to the “open to anything” client searching for the perfect look. We take the time to vet each one to ensure that both designer and client are a match when it comes to their style, timeline and expectations.



Once we establish that both parties are in sync with the design direction, a 50% retainer is required to block time on the designer's calendar and to secure materials needed for the completion of your project.



For clients that want a custom-designed invitation ensemble, we like to take time needed to make sure that everything is done right! Ideally, we prefer a four- to six-month window depending on the scope of a project and designer availability.

Clients that require a rush order, there are semi-custom designs available for personalization and can be delivered to you within two- to three-weeks.